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If you have become curious and feel like a trial lesson – regardless of whether you sing professionally or would just like to try it, just give me a call on +506 8750 1676 or .


Sus Verbruggen

Theaterstudentin, 21 Jahre

A very clear approach to voice technique. I can clearly feel that I’ve become a more articulate and persuasive speaker.”


Rosa Titulaer

Psychologist, 39 Jahre

“Like no other, Alan combines his great singing talent with an infectious enthusiasm and a very well-founded and targeted teaching method. His vocal exercises have shown me that I (initially inexperienced) have a good and strong singing voice. After every lesson I felt and was satisfied and I was looking forward to the next lesson.


Marjolein Roeleveld

Student Theaterschool AHK, 29  Jahre

“In the six months that I have worked with Alan, I have felt and heard tremendous progress. It is primarily not aimed at understanding, but rather at imitating and listening. Just do it. That was very good for me. The classes Alan gives are not based on the standard teacher-student relationship, but on collaboration. I really appreciate it.”


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