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VOX VERE – Studio For Vocal Training

A fully trained singing voice is like a high
quality musical instrument. You can use it to
express yourself optimally in all musical genres. “

My name is Alan Razzak. I was trained as an opera 
singer at the Utrecht Conservatory.
At the International Studio of Vocal Arts I specialized
in the Melocchi singing technique with tenor
James McCray. Since then I have been working as a singer
and singing teacher including at the Art school of Theater
in Amsterdam, Center for the Arts in Utrecht,
Drama School Theakademie in Berlin,
Landesvereinigung Kulturele Jugendbildung,
Wannseeforum, Stageink Theater and Musical Company.
In Berlin, I founded the VOX VERE voice training
studio and I train beginners, intermediates as well as
professional singers and actors in individual lessons and
voice training/singing workshops.




In individual and group lessons the development 
and strengthening of the inner muscles is promoted
with the help of breathing and voice exercises and
the contours of your own singing instrument become
increasingly clear. In these exercises, the muscle
memory is activated so that the body can no longer
forget this technique and can reactivate it years later.
The intensive work in the workshops gives the students
new access to their own voice, an idea of ​​their own sound
and a new level of self-confidence. A positive side effect
of the building process is the simultaneous release of
emotional blockages in the body. In regular quarterly
meetings with other students, from beginners to professional
singers, there is the opportunity to exchange ideas, perform a
song and get feedback on the current process.


Voice Training

The voice is a very direct expression of our personality. Through them we communicate and present ourselves. Restricting voice expression therefore also restricts our personal development. Our voice needs just as much training and relaxation as the rest of our body.


With this method you will

find your unique sound

expand your vocal register and learn to deal with the passage (passagio), among other things. Another focus is the correct breathing technique. Voice training offers a professional introduction to the world of singing. It is not only suitable for classical singing, but also for all important singing styles and areas in which the voice is the focus (modern singing styles, acting, teaching, speaking activities, etc.)

The basis of the VOX VERE vocal training method is the Melocchi Technique, which was originally used by legendary Italian opera singers (Giuseppe Giacomini, Mario del Monaco, Franco Corelli, Nicola Marinucci and others).

In many years of practice with different occupational and age groups, a special side effect of this voice training method became clear: By repeating the exercises regularly, the stress disappears and the contact with oneself is intensified. This method has proven to be an effective remedy for mental and physical blockages caused by everyday tension and pressure to perform.

Vocal training
in Action

Alan working with Vanessa




Nina Fokker

 Student Theaterschool AHK, 23 Jahre

I’ve been taking singing lessons for years. But it was during those hours [with Alan] that I really started singing. It was wonderful to see how a teacher can turn everything around after so many years of singing experience and help you shed old habits.”


Anna Lena Panten

Singer/Songwriter 24 Jahre

An intensive and effective work-out for the voice with remarkable results.  I am amazed at the rapid development and excited to see what else will happen. “


Ferdinand Delcker

Writer and composer, 35  Jahre

Alan opened up a whole new way of accessing my voice. Now I sing whole evenings without getting hoarse.      My voice has become stronger, more beautiful and more natural. Alan is one of those special teachers who teach with true devotion, who have an upright and constant interest in their students’ progress. I am glad I found it .”


Information on current workshops

I send out invitations to my courses and concerts around six times a year. Please register.

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