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Summer ’18

Workshop in  Croatia


Music from our summer workshop in Croatia

Reconnection Song

Vocal development workshop, Balatura Ethno Hotel 2018

Music in the nature reserve

Gorski Kotar,  2018

Blue Wave Camp

Voice training workshop 2016

From other workshops
Youth educational
Together we learn very quickly with and from each other, as everyone has the opportunity to try out themselves in a familiar and open setting and to gain valuable insights by listening to others. By enjoying singing and by experiencing our very own voice, deep mental and physical blockages can be released. Beliefs like “I can’t sing” disappear through shared experience.

How It Works


Johannes Bellinkx

Student, 31, Theaterschool AHK

“I have learned how to breathe efficiently, how to use my voices freely, and how to overcome physical and emotional blockages. Alan ‘s singing lessons have also moved the others in my class a lot.”


Robert Hoare

Professional Lyricist and Musician, 56

“Alan Razzak has a direct and straight forward approach to vocal training. This is your voice and this is how you can develop it.”

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