Alan Razzak

30+ years of singing experience

Alan Razzak

Alan completed his classical singing training in the Netherlands at the Utrecht Conservatory. He then studied the melocchi technique with tenor James McCray at the International Studio of Vocal Arts. Since then he has been working as a singer and singing teacher (a.a. Hochschule für theater Amsterdam, Zentrum der Künste Utrecht, Drama School Theakademie Berlin and Stageink Theater and Musical Company). In Berlin he founded the VOX VERE tuning studio. He works as a voice teacher and opera singer.

Everybody can do it

Passion for Singing

Only when you sing with an open heart can you touch others – regardless of language, culture or geography.

All Coming Together in Sound

If we see everything as vibration and everything that vibrates sounds, then it is important how we sound.


Hanneke Slotboom

Singer in the „Lady Swing“ choir and journalist, 43 years old

„Alan Razzak’s lessons have brought me a lot. I’ve had other singing teachers before, but the specific attention he pays to the technique of singing has been an ‚eye-opener‘ for me.“



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